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BAAL is back for 2011-12 

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What is Quiz Bowl? 

BAAL welcomes back quizbowl teams and invites new teams to join our circuit in any and all of the activities we run. This year BAAL plans to run a quizbowl on Sat. 29 October at Menlo School, in Menlo Park. The invitation will be posted soon. . BAAL anticipates two contests in Fall 2011 and one in Winter/Spr. 2012.

If you want to run a quizbowl contest at your HS, contact BAAL PM Gaius Stern and he will try to help you.

For many years BAAL ran weeknight matches throughout the year to allow teams continuous quizbowl from October to April. We are considering resuming that weeknight contest (really more for 2012-13) and wish to poll teamsí interest in a return to the weeknight series. Details will follow.

The commitment for BAAL is small (1 or 2 nights out of the entire school year), but the benefits are many! Please note: Teams wishing to participate should register as soon as possible. For questions, more information, or inquiries about how your school can join BAAL, or to re-register for this season, please email Gaius Stern: 

BAAL is very affordable! When we run them, the weeknight matches cost a total of $60/team for a year. And if you participate in the weeknight match(es) BAAL will give you a $10 discount towards the NAQT No CA state Championship (when BAAL is the host).

Quiz Bowl is an academic knowledge / trivia game played by teams of four with a buzzer system. Players signal to answer open "toss-up" questions from all academic areas (art, history, literature, math, science), plus pop culture from current events to sports.  On bonus questions, the whole team confers to earn additional points.  

BAAL is a great activity for those schools looking to compete in academic style competitions or even for those already participating in other Bay Area events such as Quiz Kids, Academic Decathlon, or Science Bowl. The difference is that BAAL runs many quizbowl events every year and allows schools to enter multiple teams at all BAAL events.

BAAL format and rules

BAAL Scoresheet

BAAL tournament rules (NAQT qualifying)

In 2011 BAAL ran the California Qualifier for the National History Bowl and helped at the NATIONALs. BAAL congratulates the three top placing vasity teams Bellarmine, Mission San Jose, and Harker School and the top two JV teams, Bellarmine JV and Mission San Jose JV. The latter pair went to NHB and finished among the top 8. A special word of congratulations to National JV runner-up Bellarmine, whose second place showing will help establish CA as a more powerful circuit than previously estimated.

In 2012 BAAL will again run the North CA History Bowl, whose winner is invited to play at the National History Bowl in Washington DC, sponsored in part by the History Channel.

Upcoming tournaments

Halley's Quizbowl Saturday Oct 29 at Menlo School in Atherton

Guy Fawkes Buzzer Explosion Sat Nov 5 at UC Berkeley 

Recent tournaments

BAAL congratulates Harker School for winning the Decline and Fall Quizbowl on Sept 24, 2011 and Escobar JV for winning the JV division.  Results can be found here.  The MVP was from Escobar Varsity.    


Championship Match: Harker (5-1) defeats Escobar (4-2)

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